President Obama Slow Jams & James Cameron Gets Spacey has launched a new feature we're calling "Week in Review," which highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week—thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, or magnanimous gaffes.   While there were many...
Publish date: has launched a new feature we're calling "Week in Review," which highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week—thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, or magnanimous gaffes. While there were many people to choose from this week, here are our top picks that made us either raise an eyebrow, roll our eyes, or just gave us a good chuckle. SPACE INVADER: James Cameron Gone Cray or Cray Innovative?

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It’s not enough that he’s made the biggest blockbuster films of all time and has recently dived into the depths of the ocean. Now, it seems that James Cameron wants to soar into outer space…and save the economy at the same time! At the Seattle Museum of Flight this week, Cameron, along with Google billionaire backers Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson, announced that they plan on going into the space mining business—digging into asteroids for nickel, iron, platinum, gold, water, and other scarce resources. They believe that such an undertaking will not only pump the economy with trillions of dollars, but that companies won’t even have to worry about environmental or noise violations…but we wonder: What if the aliens get angry?

NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY: The Politics of John Edwards

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The trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards started this week, and it's already catapulted into soap operatic proportions. For the five people in this country who may not know what we're talking about, Edwards has been charged on six counts of campaign finance violations for allegedly spending a million dollars of campaign money trying to cover up his extramarital affair with former political videographer Rielle Hunter, whom he spawned a love child with while married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. If found guilty, Mr. Hubris could face 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. (And we thought his $500 haircut was controversial.) Andrew Young—the former aide to Edwards and the prosecution’s star witness—has thus far admitted during the trial that Edwards called Hunter a “crazy slut” when Young informed him back in 2007 that she was pregnant with his child. It’s being reported that during Young's testimonies, Edwards, 58, is in the habit of staring at him directly, while Young resorts to avoiding his former boss’ eyes. “You really hate him, don’t you?” asked Edwards’ lawyer. “I have mixed feelings,” Young said without emotion. Perhaps many Americans are more certain on how they feel about the former presidential golden boy, but the question of whether he’s guilty or not belongs to the jury—even to the one juror who was caught allegedly snoozing during cross examination. HEADBANGER’S BALL: Metta World Peace Suspended For Seven Games

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In short: Metta World Peace (a.k.a. Ron Artest) waged war on James Harden’s head. The L.A. Lakers forward went temporarily insane on April 22 when he slam-dunked one for the team and amid his excitement, elbowed the Oklahoma City Thunder guard in the head, giving him a concussion. In turn, the NBA suspended World Peace for seven games without pay. Earlier this week, he apologized to Harden via Twitter, but then later wrote on his own website that "This type of competition makes for great entertainment." Giving a concussion to someone doesn't sounds like great entertainment to us—it just kinda sounds like World Peace needs a straitjacket, especially considering he's kicked a cameraman, headbutted a referee, attacked rival teammates, and famously incited "Malice at the Palace," a brawl between players and fans eight years ago. World Peace changed his name in 2011 to show his newly found Zen state, but the way this guy is heading (pun intended), Peace out. HIGH INTEREST VIDEO, LOW INTEREST MESSAGE: President Obama on Student Loan Interest Rates

Last but not least, President Obama (a.k.a. "The Barackness Monster") tapped into his soul master funkness and slow jammed the news on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in front of a live collegiate audience at UNC. His overt message: Stop a GOP measure that allows student loan interest rates to double, starting in July. His underlying message: GOP filibusters are for busters.