Phil Collins Returns to the (Middle School) Stage

Are we spotting a trend? Retired ‘80s pop stars making surprise appearances when you least expect it…
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Phil Collins Photo

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Phil Collins scored some major points last week with teachers and students at his son’s Miami middle school. The former Genesis frontman performed live for the first time in four years at a school concert, singing classics hits “In the Air Tonight” and “Land of Confusion.” He even performed with the school band. Cool dad, right? 

Collins, who announced his retirement in 2011, wasn’t the only one to wow fans with a surprise performance last week: former Journey singer Steve Perry joined the Eels onstage at a concert in Minneapolis, rocking the mic for the first time in public in almost two decades and, yes, he did sing “Open Arms.”

So with Collins and Perry’s recent returns, who do you think should make the next surprise comeback?