As 2014 comes to an end, we take a look at some of the luminaries who passed away this year and left their mark on the worlds of entertainment, culture, politics, sports, and beyond. . .

At the end of every year, we take time to reflect and remember those we lost in 2014. Some of their lives were long and remarkable from Hollywood legends like Shirley Temple Black, Lauren Bacall, and Mickey Rooney to real-life heroes such as Louis Zamperini. Other talented entertainers including Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joan Rivers shocked and saddened us with their sudden and tragic deaths. 

There were those that helped change history for the better: from folk legend Pete Seeger, poet Maya Angelou, journalist Ben Bradlee, and actress and activist Ruby Dee. Some, such as pioneering track star Alice Coachman and soccer legends Eusebio and Alfredo Di Stefano, seemed super-human with their feats of athleticism, while others opened our minds and hearts with their artistic talents from authors Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nadine Gordimer, and P.D. James to singers Phil Everly and Joe Cocker.

And so many − from Ann B. Davis (Alice from The Brady Bunch) to actor-writer-director-Ghostbuster Harold Ramis to deejay Casey Kasem − made us relive happy memories of how their life's work touched our lives.  

In Memoriam 2014 Photo

Above is a look at some of the famous people we said goodbye to in 2014: (Top row, from left) Mickey Rooney, Maya Angelou, Joan Rivers, James Garner, Shirley Temple Black, Louis Zamperini, Amiri Baraka; (Second row, from left) Harold Ramis, Ben Bradlee, Joe Cocker, Lauren Bacall, Sid Caesar, Ruby Dee, Ariel Sharon; (Third row, from left) Nadine Gordimer, Pete Seeger, Ann B. Davis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Casey Kasem, Eusebio, Eli Wallach; (Fourth row, from left) Phil Everly, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Robin Williams, Rubin Carter, Ralph Waite, Alice Coachman, Johnny Winter; (Fifth row, from left) Oscar de la Renta, Richard Attenborough, P.D. James, Mike Nichols, Alfredo Di Stefano, Marion Barry.

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