Hidden Pablo Picasso Portrait Discovered

An unidentified portrait was found hidden beneath the famous 'Blue Room' painting.
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Count on Pablo Picasso to always keep us guessing. Art experts have discovered an unexpected portrait of a man beneath one of the artist’s most famous works, “The Blue Room.” The portrait depicts a man wearing a jacket, bow tie, and rings on his hand.

Hidden portrait revealed beneath "The Blue Room"

The hidden portrait found beneath Picasso's famous work, 'The Blue Room.' (Photo: The Independent)

The experts have determined that it is not, in fact, a self-portrait, but the identity of the man is still not known. The portrait came to light when conservators noticed brushstrokes that didn't match the composition in 1954, but it wasn’t until recently when infrared technology was able to reveal the hidden painting.

Picasso had hidden paintings before. For example, a moustached man was discovered under his “Woman Ironing.” (Independent.co.uk)