Medium Kim Russo Talks Dead People and Celebs in ‘The Haunting Of…’

What happens when you mix reality TV, celebrities, a world-renowned psychic-medium, and the dead all into one? You get The Haunting Of…! BIO’s hit show returns for a second season, which premieres this Saturday, June 1st at 10/9c.  ...
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What happens when you mix reality TV, celebrities, a world-renowned psychic-medium, and the dead all into one? You get The Haunting Of…! BIO’s hit show returns for a second season, which premieres this Saturday, June 1st at 10/9c.

This season expect to see psychic-medium Kim Russo take us on a ghostly journey around the world with celebs like Nadine Velazquez, Barry Bostwick, and Fairuza Balk—but before she does that, Kim took some time out to answer some of our questions about the spirit world!

What makes someone more receptive to seeing spirits?

Our spirit/ghost friends have energy that is vibrating at a much quicker pace or higher frequency than when they were in their dense physical body. For the most part, adults have been conditioned at a young age not to believe in things that go bump in the night. Therefore, children under the age of 10 and most pets can (and are) more apt to see spirits/ghosts without even trying because they are more innocent and are not indoctrinated into the suspicious minds of the adult world.

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That being said, some people are more psychic, or sensitive to energy. They are born with a heightened psychic antenna that very easily can attune them to spirit frequencies which exist all around. . .Another way people can obtain a heightened psychic antenna is through traumatic events that may happen in their life such as being near death with high fevers or near fatal accidents. It is believed that somehow, something in the person’s energy field opens up to connect them to other worlds or beings.

Another popular way for most people to tune into higher frequencies is being in a very relaxed state of mind; i.e., while doing mundane tasks such as meditating or getting ready to go to sleep. Being in this calm state, one automatically has their guard down, and is able to absorb new information and become more resourceful and open to new possibilities such as seeing or feeling a spirit and/or ghost.

Which celebrities that you’ve filmed with for The Haunting of . . . have been the most open to communicating with spirits? Working with all of the celebrities has been a blast and for the most part all of the celebrities really wanted answers and to find closure regarding their paranormal experience. However, I was quite taken and surprised at the open verbal conversation Charles Shaughnessy from the hit TV show The Nanny had with the ghost(s) that were discovered at the haunted castle where he vacationed as a young boy. Charles took the bull by the horns and with a lot of love and compassion, attempted to coax the ghostly inhabitants to leave the premises. Tune in to find out what happened.

You’ve been able to see spirits since you were a child, but it wasn’t always comforting. Can you describe how you learned to understand and communicate with spirits so it became a positive experience?

Yes, that is true. Seeing spirits standing at the foot of my bed since the age of 8 or 9 was totally confusing, scary and intimidating, especially since there was never a smile to be had or even as much as a blink or an eyebrow raised.

As I got older and I developed my own free will and realized that I didn’t have to acknowledge them if I didn’t want to, the rules started to change. They needed to be noticed by me and they needed me to be their voice. As soon as I realized this, I mentally had a conversation with my own group of Spiritual guides, whom I often talked to as a child. To put it simple, I prayed to God and made a pact. I told God to tell them that if I was going to be a voice for the spirit world, then they had to do things my way.

I ultimately started telling them (the spirits) to find an easy way to have me understand what they want to say. Sometimes the easiest way for a spirit to communicate with me is to replay what looks like a movie in my mind’s eye. All I need to do is watch the movie and I automatically understand the body language and the emotions that are being sent through the movie, directly to me, explaining their story. I have one boundary with the spirit world and that is: Don’t ever tell me when someone is going to die. So far, they have respected that rule and everyone gets along nicely, hence making it a very positive and healing experience for all involved.

Have you had any paranormal experiences while filming The Haunting of. . . that surprised or shocked you?

Yes, in the filming with Barry Bostwick when I was communicating with a spirit in his son’s bedroom, the light went off responding to something that I said. Barry thought we were playing tricks on him, but in fact, it was the ghost trying to make its presence known to us. Whenever something physical happens and is manipulated by ghosts, it always amazes and shocks me. You should have seen Barry’s face. (Oh wait, you will. Tune in Saturday, June 1st at 10/9c on BIO.)

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Any experiences while filming The Haunting of… that were particularly satisfying for you as a medium?

Yes, although I don’t want to give anything away. Filming with Nadine Velazquez was completely satisfying and healing. There were some shocking revelations that were uncovered during the filming of this episode. Ultimately, I feel her story will help many people heal.

Have you ever encountered the spirit of a famous person? Yes, two spirit celebrities actually made their debut on The Haunting Of… I’m not sure what will make it into the final cuts of the shows with all of the edits, but on the episodes with Bernie Koppel, Phyllis Diller made an appearance on the show as they were good friends. And with Patrick Muldoon, musician Frank Zappa gave me a message to give to Patrick’s sister who is married to Frank’s son.

Hey, you have to figure that if I’m reading a celebrity, another celebrity is bound to show up. After all, it’s a small circle.

We read in your bio that some days you speak to spirits more than the living. How do you tune out the spirit world? Tuning out the spirit world is no different than tuning out a whining child who wants to be heard. There is a time and a place to communicate with spirits. In the early days when I was just learning their language, I had an agreement with the spirits. I told them when they see the flame of my candle then they knew it was okay to talk with me. That became a problem when I was home around my house and I would light a scented candle for the ambiance and the aroma. Suddenly, I would find a room filled with spirits ready to have a party. I quickly need to change the rules. Currently, I tell my own guides to round up the troops and that I am all ears.

In your experience, are there more malevolent or benevolent spirits out there? Well, that’s like asking me if I feel there are more good people in the world than there are bad ones. It’s all relative. I don’t think there are as many malevolent ones as many would think. I would just like to think of them as bitter and confused and not accepting of their death or how they died. Just like in the physical world, all a person needs to thrive is a little attention and a little love and compassion. I’ve seen tough guys fall to their knees with a little kindness and the same is true with a so-called bad guy ghost.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do? That people think that I “KNOW” everything. Some people who are wrongdoers in their life tend to avoid me like the plague—thinking that if they get too close to me, I can see all of their deep, dark secrets. People also tend to think that I read minds. Hey, even if I did, that would be a pretty cool gift to have, too. Well, actually, I do read minds, the minds of the DEAD.

What can fans expect from the new season of The Haunting of…? People can expect Season 2 of The Haunting Of… to get much more personal. You will see celebrities bare it all, showing their humble and vulnerable sides. Also, you can expect to see beautiful locations. The crew and I went all around the world capturing the most amazing places with the scariest of stories to match. But most of all be prepared to learn a great deal about this invisible world where ghosts and spirits reside.

Catch an all-new season of The Haunting Of… premiering this Saturday, June 1st at 10/9c!

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