Quote of the Week: Josephine Baker

On June 3, 1906 a star was born. The American-born actress, singer, and dancer Josephine Baker would become an international sensation whose career would span half a century.
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Did you know? 

The vaudeville entertainer, who came from very humble beginnings, loved being plentiful in all aspects of her life. As her career soared to new heights, Josephine Baker collected clothes, jewelry, and animals. At one point she had owned nearly two dozen pets, including a leopard, chimpanzee, pig, snake, goat, three cats and seven dogs. Not only that, Baker also loved being in love. She walked down the aisle four times before settling into a platonic arrangement with her artist friend Robert Brady, whom she never officially married. Responding to the immense racism she received in the U.S., Baker also multiplied her nest. She adopted 12 children, whom she dubbed "The Rainbow Tribe," to show that young people of all religions and ethnicities could live together in harmony.