Jimi Hendrix: Rock Royalty (VIDEO)

In honor of what would've been Jimi Hendrix's 71st birthday, we're featuring his mini bio, which encapsulates his genius and artistry.
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He may have only been 27 years old at the time of his death, but Jimi Hendrix made an impact on rock and roll that was strong enough to last several lifetimes. The rock star—who would've turned 71 years old this November 27th—was known for his dramatic flair on the stage and for creating some unprecedented psychedelic sounds from his electric guitar.

Before Hendrix reached music icon status, he played backup for artists like Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ike Turner, and Tina Turner until he decided to strike out on his own. On August 18, 1969, Hendrix performed at Woodstock, where he gave a legendary early-morning rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner," playing for two hours straight.

Watch Hendrix's mini bio to get a scope of what he accomplished in his lifetime and beyond.