Will James Corden 'Carpool Karaoke' at the Grammys?

'Late Late Show' fans are hoping that the newly minted Grammy host will bring his beloved 'Carpool Karaoke' to music's biggest night on Sunday. Here's a handful of our favorite 'Carpool' moments.
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James Corden Grammys 2017 Photo

James Corden hosts his first Grammy Awards on February 12, 2017 on CBS.

Given his love for song, music, and theatrics, CBS's Late Late Show host James Corden was an ideal pick to host this year's 59th Annual Grammy Awards, which airs this Sunday. Famous for his star-studded "Carpool Karaoke" segments, it would seem rather fitting to see a special version of it on music's biggest night, don't ya think? (A Corden and newly preggars Bey duet = everything.)

"Carpool Grammy Karaoke" or not, we'd like to celebrate Corden's special hosting gig by sharing some of our favorite moments of his beloved Late Late Show bit.

Carpool Karaoke with George Michael

The late pop icon was Corden's very first "Carpool Karaoke" guest back in 2011. Donning matching sweat suit jackets, Corden and George Michael made sport of each other with gay and "has-been" jokes before jamming out to Michael's hit "I'm Your Man." In what would become typical Corden style, he added his own special dance move — in this case, the always welcomed pelvic thrust — as the two sang their hearts out.

Carpool Karaoke with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Food glorious food! / Hot sausage and mustard! / While we're in the mood  / Cold jelly and custard! Yes, Corden and bassist Flea managed to toss in an ode to Oliver! The Musical amid crooning the group's mega hits like "Give It Away," "Californication," "Dark Necessities," and "Under the Bridge." Not only that, but hilarious antics of "boyz being boyz" also occurred in this edition of "Carpool" like no other! Watch Corden man-wrestle frontman Anthony 'Mustachioed' Kiedis on some random person's lawn and feast your eyes on Corden's topless moment with Kiedis and Flea.

Carpool Karaoke with Britney Spears

Oh, Britney! The sultry former teen pop star revealed herself to be shy and giggly IRL, but Corden stayed in his usual self-possessed mode. "What's that song about?," the host asked, referring to Brit's hit 'Oops, I Did It Again.' "Because every time I order a Domino's, I think, oops I did it again." Cue: Britney giggling and hitting him in jest.

Pop nostalgia kicked in big time as the two rocked out to Britney's hits "Womanizer" and "Toxic," but the kicker was when "... Baby, One More Time" throbbed out of the speakers, and the two hams suddenly appeared in little school girl outfits, in a nod to her music video of yesteryear.

Carpool Karaoke with Adele

How do you not crack a smile when you hear both of these fun Brits having a good laugh? Despite the rainy English day, Corden drove off with his bud Adele and cheerfully talked hair weaves, pregnancy, (too much) love for wine, and what else(?) but the Spice Girls. In fact, in between singing Adele's hits, the two managed to go all out with the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and afterwards, Adele showed off her rap skills via Nicki Minaj's "Monster." Whatcha got? 

Carpool Karaoke with Mariah Carey

As the fresh new host of The Late Late show in 2015, Corden made a divalicious splash with the help of Mariah Carey. The British host's fun and Carey's cool were a perfect combo to set the tone of his new late night reign.

"That's not an accident. I know your act," Carey casually responded behind her shades, as a grinning Corden turned on the radio and pretended her music came on by happenstance.

As the duo sang the diva's hits "Always Be My Baby," "Fantasy," and "Vision of Love," Carey showed off her best attempts at an English and Southern accent. Soon after, Corden turned into an impressive hype man when "Thirsty" streamed through his speakers.