It's All in the Stars, (Royal) Baby! An Astrological Take on William & Kate's First Born

Everyone is excited about the birth of the royal baby, which is about to take place in London at any moment! Famed astrologer Susan Miller gives us her take on the royal baby's astrological personality and how he/she will fit into the Royal Family!
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As one of the most internationally recognized astrologers, Susan Miller is a busy woman. A contributing editor to an array of women's lifestyle magazines, Miller is famous for being conscientious and mathematically precise on the planetary shifts in the heavens, which she explains in great detail on her site each month. Her uncanny accuracy and boundless energy attract millions of avid readers, and at, we couldn't help but be fans, too!

Miller was nice enough to break down the astrological personality of the impending royal baby, and how he/she will get along with mum Kate Middleton and dad Prince William!

So without further ado, here's Susan in her own words...

William and Kate's Signs

Everyone is excited about the birth of the royal baby, which is about to take place in London at any moment! This child will have two loving parents who are very right for each other, forming a very loving marriage. This is important for a child, for it gives the child a strong sense of security.

Prince William is a Cancer (born June 21, 1982) and Duchess Kate (born January 9, 1982) is a Capricorn, signs precisely opposite on the horoscope wheel (180 degrees apart), and that means the two signs compliment one another. The moon represents the inner, fine-tuning of one’s character in a chart, and both William and Kate were born with the moon in Cancer, considered the finest sign for the moon to be found in a natal chart. The moon rules memories, dreams, and will reflect how a person viewed his or her mother growing up, and the overall tone of family life. Although William and Kate had different life experiences growing up, they share a similar love for mother, and a similar view of how family life should be—very auspicious for the royal baby. This place of the moon in a natal chart (prevalent for William and Kate, too) brings a very loving nature, and because the moon is linked to conception, a high level of fertility. If Kate wants more children, the moon in Cancer is the best natal placement to allow that to happen.

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Remarkably, Kate’s father is Cancer, too, with his birthday falling two days after William’s birthday, June 23. Astrologers have found that in about seventy percent of the time, a bride will marry the sign of one of her parents—this happened with Kate. It is symbolic of the Sun conjoining the Sun, considered very fortunate for the future of the marriage. Astrologers feel that we unconsciously look to the sign of our mother or father in choosing our mates because we feel comfort and familiarity with that sign. (Did you marry the sign of one of your parents?)

Completing the circle of Cancers prominently represented in the royal family, Princess Diana was born a Cancer (July 1, 1961), and Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles’ second wife, is born a Cancer as well (July 17, 1947)!

The Cancer Connection

Princess Diana with baby Prince William, October 24, 1983.

Princess Diana with baby Prince William, October 24, 1983.

We often see one sign strongly represented through family lines as we see in the case of the Royal Family with Cancer. You can check to see which signs come up most often in your family, too. The day you are born is also a big day for other members of the family—not just your parents—for the natal planets of family members are “lit up” too on the day you were born. In that way, we are very linked to others in a family, especially in tight-knit families.

The royal baby will also be a Cancer, assuming the baby will arrive earlier than Monday, July 22, the date the sun moves into Leo (2:15 PM EDT). Most babies are born on a full moon, so it is possible the baby will be born a Leo if born on Monday, but I feel with so many Cancers in the family, this baby will come before that full moon. (The only reservation I have about my comment is that Leo is the sign of the monarch, and we know this baby will become the future king or queen of England!)

Cancer is a sign that values the family life, almost above all else in life. The royal baby’s mother, a Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, enjoys history, tradition, ritual, and structure. She will be the ideal mother to the future monarch of the British Crown as Kate will cheerfully go about her royal duties, and at the same time set up a strong, secure family life for the child. She will become a model mother to this child.

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Prince William, a Cancer, will take his role of father seriously, too. These days, Prince William has been working almost non-stop in his job in the military as a rescue helicopter pilot so that he would be able to take as much paternity leave as possible when the baby arrives.

An extraordinary, exceedingly rare planetary configuration of great harmony and beauty is shaping up this week, to reach perfection on Friday, July 19. (This beautiful configuration, which I am about to describe to you, is already mathematically “within orb” now, so the child will feel and benefit from it if the child is born prior to June 19. Still, by Friday, it locks into perfect harmony!)

Events in the Heavens This Week

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now at 5 degrees of Cancer, will be positioned 120 degrees away from Saturn, at 5 degrees of Scorpio. Both Jupiter and Saturn, from different corners of the sky, will also be 120 degrees away from Neptune, now in Pisces, 5 degrees forming a mathematically perfect golden triangle. When you consider it takes Neptune 165 years to circle the Sun, and it takes Saturn 29 years to do the same, and Jupiter 12 years, you see how hard it is to get these planets in perfect position to lock into a perfect triangle. (It is nearly impossible for three people to agree to have lunch, let alone get three planets to cooperate like this!)

All About Baby

Royal baby commemorative gifts are ready at British gift shops.

Royal baby commemorative gifts are ready at British gift shops.

All the planets will be in water signs, so the baby will be intuitive, compassionate, creative, nurturing, kind, and unpretentious in nature. The baby will also have a philanthropic leaning, too—not because he or she will be told by the family to choose a charity, but because this child will want to help others who are less fortunate, and this yearning will stem form the heart. In this sense the child will continue the good work done by Princess Diana. I feel this baby will be a lot like Princess Diana.

Three planets will be in Cancer at the time of the birth, too: Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury (plus the great star, the Sun, assuming the baby will come prior to the weekend). Having an outstanding FOUR heavenly bodies in Cancer simply adds to the tender, sensitive, caring nature of this child that will be exhibited as he or she grows up.

Saturn in Scorpio will make the baby shrewd in business, and excellent in doing any kind of research. Cancer and Scorpio are also financial signs, so this child will be talented at understanding how to read financial records, manage money and also be talented at digging through financial information to find answers to questions—this child will be thorough and exacting.

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Neptune in Pisces will lend a strong imaginative flair to his or her personality, and so this child, having a strong (visual) right brain, can come up with excellent solutions that often evade others. This baby should be given a wide variety of materials to express herself (or himself) as the child grows up—paints, clay, fabric, computers, a camera, and be taught music, too, as Neptune is the planet that is said to govern the arts. Neptune is at ‘home’ in Pisces, for Pisces is the sign Neptune rules, so the child will be very intuitive, so much so that at times he or she will exhibit the gift of prophesy, or have highly instinctual feelings that prove to be exceptionally on target. Cancer and Scorpio, the other two water signs, are known to be very intuitive, too, but Pisces seems to take the gift of intuition to a higher level.

We don’t know the time of the baby’s birth, so we cannot affix the rising sign, which is the most critical to know in setting up a natal chart. Without a chart it’s hard to go further to describe a child’s talents. Once we know the rising sign, we will know in which sectors of the chart each of the eight planets in the solar system will fall—and where the Sun and moon will be placed as well.

It will be exciting to see where Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will fall, as Jupiter is the great benefactor in a chart, the area where all the goodness in this child’s life will flow.

Closing Thoughts

I can say, with the golden triangle at play this week, Jupiter will support Neptune, so Jupiter will expand the child’s powers of creativity. With Jupiter supporting Saturn, the child can create expressions that have long-lasting appeal. All these planets are linked in the golden triangle. We don’t know yet where each of these planets will fall precisely in the chart, so we must be patient. We will know soon!

One interesting last comment: Many Cancers go into the family business, and it is clear this child will, too, in a very happy, willing way.