Rare Photo of Harriet Tubman Goes to Auction

A photograph of a 40-something year-old Harriet Tubman has been recovered and will be auctioned off on March 30th.
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Young Harriet Tubman Photo

Harriet Tubman, circa 1866-1868. 

Very few photographs of Harriet Tubman exist, especially since she was wise to hide her identity from bounty hunters. So it comes as a welcome surprise when a private citizen recently discovered a photograph of a younger Tubman, circa 1866-1868, which will go on auction at the end of this month.

Among those who are hoping to be the highest bidder for the rare photo is the Harriet Tubman Home, located in Auburn, New York, which was where the 19th century abolitionist resided for 50 years.

In an effort to preserve Tubman's legacy, the Harriet Tubman Home recently launched a crowdfunding campaign, #BringHarrietHome, and aims to raise $25,000 to participate in the bid, which is believed will go up to $30,000 for the photograph.

"By helping us raise the money needed to bid on this photo and bring Harriet home, know that we are collectively aligning ourselves with the work of Tubman herself" notes the Harriet Tubman Home via the platform, Women You Should Fund. "Harriet used the money she earned in the north to finance her campaigns to free her niece, Kessiah and her children. Tubman gave Kessiah's husband, a free man, the money for him to buy them off of the auction block in Maryland. Harriet then led them to freedom."

From 1850 to 1860 Tubman fearlessly rescued 70 slaves from the South through the Underground Railroad. She also helped an additional 60 to 70 others reach freedom by guiding them to the North.