20 Doctors & Nurses Who Shaped the World

Check out this infographic celebrating doctors and nurses whose service and trailblazing medical breakthroughs changed our world.
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The role of doctors and nurses in our society is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only do they care for the ill and wounded, but they can also help bring about medical breakthroughs and social change. The U.K.-based charity Anthony Nolan, which is dedicated to saving the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell transplant, has created an infographic that explores some of the most influential doctors and nurses the world has seen, from Hippocrates and Joseph Lister, to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Mary Eliza Mahoney, who both brought about huge changes for women in the world of medicine. 

While you might not recognize some of the doctors and nurses on the list, we have a great deal to thank them for whether it’s ridding the world of life-threatening diseases, introducing new ways to care for the ill or dying, or introducing new methods through which to treat disease or illness, among many other medical breakthroughs.

20 Doctors and Nurses Who Shaped the World Courtesy Anthony Nolan

An infographic by Anthony Nolan, a U.K.-based charity with a mission to save the lives of people with blood cancer. (All photos provided by Anthony Nolan)

Jon Ware is Digital Content Lead at Anthony Nolan, working to share lifesaving stories of stem cell donation and transplant with online audiences. You can follow him on Twitter at @waretheressmoke