'Hey, You Guuuys!' With the huge buzz this past weekend on a possible 'Goonies' sequel, Sean Astin chatted with us about the idea of being Mikey all over again ...and who'd be good at the 'Truffle Shuffle' today.
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'The Goonies': Buried treasure takes on a new adventure with The Fratellis, Troy's bucket, Sloth, and One-Eyed Willy! (Photo: Photofest)

UPDATE: Holy Fratellis! Looks like Steven Spielberg is on board with director Richard Donner for The Goonies take deux! As the writer and producer of the original flick, Spielberg has reportedly come up with a new storyline for the sequel, and Donner thinks it's on point, worthy of a "choc...o...late!" (that's a shout out to Sloth if you don't recall.) 

Now we eagerly wait to see if the cast will sign up for another adventure. "If they have any sense, they will," says Donner. 


Director Richard Donner confirmed that a Goonies sequel is in the works and that he ideally wants the original cast to be a part of it. Are you interested? Can you tell us if he’s contacted you and any hints of what the storyline would be?

Dick and Steven have asserted since 1989, that a sequel will happen. I've always loved the movie. It was my first film. So, of course I'm interested in its legacy and ever intrigued by their ideas. If it happens, and they want me to be a part of it, I can't imagine it wouldn't work out.

What would be some fun storyline ideas you’d like to see in the sequel?

I have some great ones, but I'm not gonna say.

Speaking of the original cast, do you stay in touch with any of them? Whom would you be most thrilled to work with again and why?

I am friends with Corey [Feldman] and Ke [Quan]. Well, I consider all of my Goonies cast mates friends. I've spoken to Kerri [Green] recently, which was lovely. Jeff [Cohen] and I swirl in the same shark tank and are always super excited to see each other. I have been thrilled to watch Josh [Brolin] and Martha [Plimpton]'s careers soar, but haven't spoken since our last reunion shoot. If a sequel ever does happen, and if we do all work together again, the highlight will clearly be seeing my friends.

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Would there be any conditions that would keep you from taking part in the sequel?

When Dick and Steven are ready to go into production, it will be because they've found the magic. One never knows reading a brand new script, how it will make you feel, but that wouldn't necessarily be an impediment. It's a business, so that's something to note. But, the fact is, that if Dick or Steven ever call, my first, second and last instinct is to be grateful and present.

What are some of your best memories about working on the original Goonies

Well, Mikey got to kiss Andy and I thought that was ok.

What were Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner like on the set back in the day? Did they have a fun, prankster side or were they consummate pros?

Dick always hollered 'Hip Hop Hip Hop!' to kick us into gear. We loved it. Steven was like a quiet sprite making magic everywhere.

What is one of your favorite lines from the movie?

Holy Mackenzie!

What’s worse: running around with Hobbit feet or staring at One-Eyed Willy in the face?

[It's excruciating] the moment when your feet get cut. Willy has a lovely visage.

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Chunk: 'I smell ice cream...' (Photo: Getty Images)

Which cast member do you think could give an impressive Truffle Shuffle today?

I never cared for the Truffle Shuffle, but today probably me.

You’re especially known for your iconic roles in movies like Rudy, The Goonies, and Lord of the Rings. Do you have a favorite?

Nope, it would be easier if I did because so many are curious, but they are all my pride and joy.

What are some of the latest projects you’re working on?

I have a film called Mom's Night Out opening nationwide on May 9th. My political radio show, Vox Populi, begins season 2 May 1st. In the animation world, I'm still loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also have an animated film called Ribbit, which is due anytime.

No grass growing under these Hobbit feet.

If there's any more dynamite-filled 'Goonies 2' news, we'll keep you posted, Bio peeps. Until then, remember: "Sloth! Love! Chunk!"