Gilbert Gottfried’s Real-Life Horror Show (Mwahaha!)

As we countdown to Halloween, we listened in on funnyman Gilbert Gottfried as he chatted with the children of Dracula and Frankenstein. No, really, he did…
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Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is a guy who can makes us laugh just by listening to his voice. But behind the funny lurks HORROR . . . or at least a love of classic horror. When he's not the voice of the AFLAC duck or the parrot in Aladdin, Gottfried is known to Howard Stern fans as "Dracula Gottfried" for his dead-on impression of Bela Lugosi.  

Listen to Gottfried do his Bela Lugosi impression:

Gottfried fell in love with monster movies when he was a kid and now, just in time for Halloween, he's getting in touch with the spirits of two of his favorite horror icons on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast

So, children of the night, listen in on Gottfried chatting with Bela Lugosi Jr., the real son of Dracula, and Sara Karloff, the daughter of Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) if you dare. . .

Listen to the full podcast here: