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Based on the 1981 book by Cameron Crowe, who wrote about the time he went undercover as a high school student in San Diego, Fast Times at Ridgemont High — starring Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold — has turned into one of the 1980s' most iconic coming-of-age films.

Fast Times was one of the first instances we saw "the surfer-stoner" character ever portrayed on the big screen and featured a supporting cast of A-listers in the earlier part of their careers, such as Nicolas Cage, Forest Whitaker, Anthony Edwards and Eric Stoltz.

To celebrate, here are some of our favorite lines from the movie:

Mr. Hand: Mr. Spicoli, what's your reason for your truancy?
Jeff Spicoli: I just couldn't make it on time.
Mr. Hand: You mean you couldn't or wouldn't?
Jeff Spicoli: Well, there's like a full crowd scene at the food line.

Stacy Hamilton: I want a relationship. I want romance.
Linda Barrett: In Ridgemont? We can't even get cable TV here, Stacy, and you want romance.

Mike Damone: First of all Rat, you never let on how much you like a girl. Oh, Debbie. Hi. Two, you always call the shots. Kiss me. You won't regret it. Now three, act like wherever you are, that's the place to be. Isn't this great? Four, when ordering food, you find out what she wants, then order for the both of you. It's a classy move. Now, the lady will have the linguini and white clam sauce, and a Coke with no ice. And five, now this is the most important, Rat. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

Jeff Spicoli: People on ‘ludes should not drive.

Brad Hamilton: I shall serve no fries before their time.

Mike Damone: I woke up in such a great mood today. I don’t know what the hell happened.

Perry's Pizza Waitress: Linda, Linda, there he is. There's that guy from the stereo store. Don't you think he looks like Richard Gere?
Linda Barrett: Did you see his cute little butt?

Brad Hamilton: Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Jeff Spicoli: All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.

Mark Ratner: I mean, you put the vibe out to 30 million chicks, something is gonna happen.

Brad Hamilton: Mister, if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna kick 100 percent of your ass!

Jeff Spicoli: So what Jefferson was saying was 'Hey! You know, we left this England place because it was bogus. So if we don't get some cool rules ourselves, pronto, we'll just be bogus too.' Yeah?