Fact or Fiction: Inventor of the Lie Detector Also Created Wonder Woman?

Is it true that the inventor of the lie detector also created the comic book heroine Wonder Woman? Fact? Fiction? Find out. . .
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Wonder Woman comic

An early cover of DC Comic's Wonder Woman.

Q: Is it true that the inventor of the lie detector is also the comic book artist who created Wonder Woman?

Answer: Yes! In the 1920s, William Moulton Marston developed an early lie detector (a systolic blood-pressure test) which later evolved into the modern day polygraph. 

William Marston

William Moulton Marston (Photo via Ken Alder)

Born in 1893, Marston’s career reads like that of a renaissance man. He was a Harvard-educated psychologist, a lawyer, inventor, and comic book super hero creator. 

As a consultant to the company that became DC Comics, Marston knew firsthand how popular Superman and Batman were. He was inspired to create a female superhero − Wonder Woman, who made her debut in December 1941. Marston used the pen name Charles Moulton for his comic books and hired cartoonist Harry G. Peter to provide the artwork.

Other interesting facts about Marston: he was a staunch supporter of women’s rights including issues of birth control and voting rights. He also liked to spread the love so to speak and had a non-traditional polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth and partner Olive Byrne.