5 Best Projectile Vomiting Scenes Since 'The Exorcist'

'The Exorcist' celebrates its 40th anniversary today, along with one of the most grotesque barfing scenes ever made on film.
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Linda Blair's face (above) might not be what you'd want to wake up to the day after Christmas, but movie execs knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to debut one of the most unholy flicks on the heels of one of the most sanctimonious days of the year.

The Exorcist, which celebrates its 40th anniversary today, gave us many gifts: a possession plot that gets recycled repeatedly, an irrational fear of Ouija boards, the iconic image of Linda Blair's head spinning—and the best projectile vomiting scene in movie history. It was hard and fast, it was green, and its impressive height landed right between the eyes of a priest.

To celebrate the classic possession flick’s birthday, here are a few other entries in the vomiting hall of fame.

1. Stand By Me (1986) In what is perhaps the grossest adaptation of a Stephen King story to date, a pie-eating contest takes a disgusting turn when the main contender, nicknamed Lard Ass, spews the partially digested remains of five blueberry pies onto a neighboring contestant. With fire hydrant pressure and a sickening bluish-purple color, the incident starts a chain reaction that has the other pie-eaters, the mayor, and everyone in the audience barfing up blueberries.

2. Bridesmaids (2011) Probably one of the richest food poisoning scenes ever done, this one includes much more than upchuck. After the girls go out to lunch, sickness kicks in at a bridal couture store. With only one bathroom and five ladies who ate the “weird chicken,” vomit flies, Melisa McCarthy uses a sink for a toilet, and Maya Rudolph does something very bad in the middle of a city street. The best part is watching Kristen Wiig deny she’s ill by trying to eat a Jordan almond.

3. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983) Wouldn’t high-end French dining be so much more fun if it were like this? Here, the gargantuan Mr. Creosote dines out, even though he doesn’t quite have room for the entire menu he ordered. To make space? The maître d’ gets him a classy silver bucket to deposit his earlier meals. Creosote doesn’t exactly have the best aim, but he certainly keeps trying. The maître d’ gets back at him by force-feeding him one more morsel, a mint. That proved to be too much, and the contents of Creosote’s stomach land all over the other patrons’ beautiful furs.

4. The Sixth Sense (1999) You know what’s even better than living people vomiting? Dead people vomiting. Here, Haley Joel Osment forms his first ghost partnership when he reins in his fear and disgust over a barfing ghost, played by Mischa Barton, who’s taken over his fort. For those of you who haven’t seen the flick, you later find out the poor gal isn’t barfing for kicks but rather, was a victim of malicious food poisoning.

5. I Love You, Man (2009) This one vomit might not be super plot-heavy, but it gains points for distance. Looking to make more dude friends, Paul Rudd competes in a beer-guzzling contest with Jon Favreau, but he just can’t hold the brewskies down. Thankfully for Rudd, he still manages to look cute even when he’s sending a brown stream of goop across a table into Favreau’s face. And he also gets a brownie point for having the cleanest mouth after a major projectile spew.