National Poetry Month: Word to Emily Dickinson (VIDEO)

Celebrate the power of poetry with an animated look at one of the greats.
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Emily Dickinson Photo

Emily Dickinson, circa 1850. (Photo: Three Lions/Getty Images)

Now, maybe more than ever,  a quick turn of phrase (140 characters or less) or an insightful bon mot (a.k.a Facebook post) has the ability to instantly connect us and communicate our inner (or outermost) thoughts. It’s the power of words at work in our daily lives, and though we’re not all Mark Twain or Robert Frost, we can all appreciate when a few well-crafted words can convey the universal truths that make us feel like we’re in this together. 

Poetry is "a response to the daily necessity of getting the world right." — Wallace Stevens

And so, in honor of National Poetry Month this April, we celebrate Emily Dickinson, a poet who grappled with life through the beauty of words and left behind verse that profoundly influenced 20th-century poetry and still resonates today. 

Watch an animated video of Dickinson's poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by filmmaker Ravi Carlson.

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