Einstein's Brain Gets an App, Glee Bashes Britney Spears?

<p>Biography.com's "Week in Review" highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week&mdash;thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, importance in history, or magnanimous gaffes. While there were many people to choose...
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Biography.com's "Week in Review" highlights interesting people who've made the news this past week—thanks to their endeavors, big ideas, triumphs, importance in history, or magnanimous gaffes. While there were many people to choose from this week, here are our top picks that made us either raise an eyebrow, roll our eyes, shed a tear, or just gave us a good chuckle.

Neurotic APP-titude: Einstein's Brain Gets Digitized

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Neuroscientists, students, and zombies—come and get it: A new iPad app allows you to examine 350 digitized slides of Albert Einstein's brain all sliced up!

In 1955 pathologist Thomas Harvey confiscated Einstein's grey matter, cut it up into hundreds of cubes, and kept it hostage in his home. (Needless to say, Harvey got fired, but he later ended up getting the approval of Einstein's son.)

Thanks to his mad scientist ways, today you can look at the genius' fissured grey mush for $9.99—even though you may not know exactly what you're setting your curious eyeballs on.

“They didn’t have MRI,” said Jacopo Annese of the University of California’s Brain Observatory in San Diego. “We don’t have a three-dimensional model of the brain of Einstein, so we don’t know where the samples were taken from.”

Considering Einstein didn't want his body to become a freak show after his death (he had asked to be cremated), what would the scientist think of his noggin being on display?

“There’s been a lot of debate over what Einstein’s intentions were,” Jim Paglia, rep of the National Museum of Health and Medicine said. “We know he didn’t want a circus made of his remains. But he understood the value to research and science to study his brain, and we think we’ve addressed that in a respectful manner.”

Regardless, we just hope there's a cool compilation of rock, hip hop, and country tracks that go along with the app. Can you imagine?

Source: Wired

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'Hold It Against Glee': Glee Bashes Britney Spears?

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That ain't cool, ya'll! After a ratings windfall from its 2010 Britney Spears tribute, in which the singer made a cameo, Glee ran a second Britney installment last week—but this time, to the singer's humiliation.

The recent ep delved into Britney's breakdown—from Baldy Britney to Baldy Britney slapping around umbrellas to her chubby zombie performance on MTV's VMAs in 2007. However, in its defense, the show ultimately ended with her "triumphant" comeback (if you consider having perpetually vacant eyes and being on a reality show redemption).

Regardless of Glee's positive ending, Britney's camp was reportedly "livid" over the storyline.

Source: Yahoo

Coulter Clash: Ann Coulter Gets Racy in New Book 'Mugged'

The incendiary Republican pundit and author Ann Coulter has been on a media blitz promoting her new book Mugged, which is premised on bashing liberals (what's new?) for "manipulating" the issue of civil rights for blacks and turning it into a fight for civil rights for other groups.

"We don't owe the homeless. We don't owe feminists. We don't owe women who are desirous of having abortions, or gays who want to get married to one another," Coulter exclaimed on ABC's This Week. She added that liberals "dropped the blacks after five minutes" to tend to other civil rights issues.

When Coulter stopped by The View, let's just say co-host Whoopi Goldberg wasn't feeling the political provocateur one bit and ended her thought by screaming "Bullsh*t!" at whatever Coulter was trying to say...and to be honest, we're kinda confused ourselves on what the nasally pundit's real point was.

Source: Huffington Post

Cemented Shrine: Jimmy Hoffa's Body Under a Michigan Driveway?

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An anonymous tipster informed police this week that he saw the body of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa buried under a Detroit driveway about 35 years ago. "We are not claiming it's Jimmy Hoffa; the timeline doesn't add up," Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said. "We're investigating a body that may be at the location."

The last time Hoffa was seen alive was on July 30, 1975. Throughout the decades, various theories have emerged about the fate of his body—from it being chopped up and left as crocodile food in a Florida swamp to it being buried in New Jersey's Giants Stadium. Police have conducted several searches but still to no avail.

With this most recent tip, police sought the help of the state's environmental department to investigate the soil beneath the driveway. Its findings concluded "that the earth had been disturbed at some point in time," Berlin conveyed.

The team will take soil samples to see if it finds any indication of human decomposition, but results won't be available until next week.

Source: CBS News

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Olympic Womb: Kerri Walsh-Jennings Was Pregnant During Olympics Gold Run

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While Kerri Walsh Jennings was killing it on the volleyball field at the London Summer Olympics, she was unknowingly carrying a five-week mini volleyball in the womb! Telling the Today Show this week, the three-time gold medalist announced she and her husband will be parents thrice over next April.

Walsh Jennings admitted she was "moody and touchy" during the Games and was late on her period; however, she attributed her symptoms to the stress of the competition.

But partner Misty May-Treanor sensed a lanky zygote was in the works. “You’re probably pregnant,” she told her.

Source: SF Gate