Daryl Hannah Still Making a 'Splash' at 53

To celebrate Daryl Hannah's 53rd birthday, we put her 'Splash' days in the spotlight in our 'Photo of the Week' series.
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Daryl Hannah in a portrait session on the set of 'Splash,' circa 1984.

Daryl Hannah in a portrait session on the set of 'Splash,' circa 1984.

"My name is Eee! Eee! Eee!" At least that's kind of how Daryl Hannah's memorable glass-breaking line sounded like in the 80s hit Splash, where she played a mermaid, opposite Tom Hanks.

Besides floundering about and kissing Tiffany boxes in Splash, Hannah made waves in other flicks like Blade Runner and Steel Magnolias and also drew mega attention when she became John F. Kennedy Jr.'s arm candy in the early 90s.

But the tall blond beauty, who turns 53 this week, continues to reinvent herself and make headlines. Although she still acts on occasion, Hannah spends most of her time focusing on her humanitarian work and environmental activism. Besides her active role in the anti-human trafficking movement, she's also been known for her public protests against the Keystone XL oil pipeline and has subsequently been arrested multiple times.

While usually fiercely private, Hannah recently admitted to suffering from autism and has claimed the disease made her debilitatingly shy and terrified of being the center of attention for much of her life.

But with the passage of time, Hannah says she's been able to make peace with her disability and doesn't "stress the small things anymore." Who says aging isn't beautiful?