Celebrity Siblings of the 80s and 90s (PHOTOS)

When we heard it was Jason Bateman's birthday today, we thought about the two main things we associate with him: Nostalgia and of course, big sister Justine Bateman! Thus, our celebrity siblings of the 80s and 90s photo gallery came to life — rad, right?
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Happy 46th birthday, Jason Bateman! Millennials might find the actor synonymous with Arrested Development, but some of us (tad bit) older folk remember him from his Silver Spoons and Hogan Family days!

With older sis Justine known for her ditzy daughter role as Mallory Keaton from Family Ties, it all just brought a warm and fuzzy feeling back about our favorite 80s and 90s celebrity siblings.   

So we thought what the heck: Let's celebrate with a photo gallery and take a stroll down memory lane!