Does Vladimir Putin Look Like King Louis XII?

Does Russian ruler Vladimir Putin look like 'Father of the People' King Louis XII?
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If there’s one thing Russian president Vladimir Putin knows how to do, it’s staying in the headlines. Case in point: Russia's recent invasion of the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea. Putin's actions have put the rest of Europe's leaders, as well as the United States, on edge, and although economic sanctions are being discussed to punish Russia for its internationally hostile ways, Putin has been unapologetic thus far... Can't we all just get along?

His lookalike, King Louis XII, was known for stirring up his own trouble as well. Louis XII waged several wars against Italy while he served as king of France from 1498 to 1515. And while most people might think that his bellicose reputation wouldn't go over well with the French, he was an admired leader who was known as “The Father of the People.” Considering Putin is serving his third term as president of Russia, he may view himself as father figure to his people, too.