Does Selena Gomez Look Like Linda Ronstadt?

Linda Ronstadt and Selena Gomez not only lookalike but both have also found success in music and have dated very famous men. See and read about all their similarities here.
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Selena Gomez and Linda Ronstadt in their 20s. (Getty)

Selena Gomez and Linda Ronstadt in their 20s. (Getty)

Before there were teen Disney stars and American Idol, most young artists had to make it the old fashioned way—through raw talent. Take Linda Ronstadt for instance; she started playing the guitar with her brother and sister in high school, working her way up from the bottom and eventually becoming an 11-time Grammy Award winner. Ronstadt’s adorable lookalike Selena Gomez found fame a bit easier to come by, using her Disney TV credits to segue into a successful solo music career. But that’s not to say the two songstresses from different generations don't have anything in common. Aside from their amazing voices, both Ronstadt and Gomez are of Mexican descent and they’ve both been in relationships with famous men—Ronstadt dated filmmaker George Lucas and Gomez dated Justin Bieber.

After having spent more than 40 years in the spotlight, Ronstadt is still drawing attention with her new memoir Simple Dreams, in which she describes her journey to becoming a musical legend. Read Ronstadt's interview with BIO here.