Does Tina Fey Look Like Clara Bow?

The sideways stare. The knowing smirk. Do silent film star Clara Bow and icon of funny Tina Fey share the same face?
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Clara Bow Tina Fey Photo

Clara Bow, who was born today in 1905, was nicknamed the “It Girl” after wowing audiences in the 1927 film It. She epitomized the free-spirited “flapper” and wasn’t just a movie star, but a sassy style icon with her wavy bob and cupid lips, which women today are still imitating.

Tina Fey a.k.a. queen of funny and hyphenated talents (actor-writer-producer-author-awards show host) is a latter day “It Girl” for adding hilarious zingers to the status quo as in “. . .always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?” We heard Tina thinks no one looks like her . . .

Do you think Clara and Tina look alike?