Celebs & Their Famous Dogs (PHOTOS)

To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th, we look at some of our favorite canine-obsessed celebs who just can't stop posting pics of their beloved paw pals.
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With the dog days of summer winding down, we thought it was fitting to celebrate National Dog Day with some of the most clickable celeb pooches on social media. These four-legged cuties have accrued so many followers, they're worthy of having their own bios! (For now, some of them will just have to settle with having their own Instagram accounts. What a ruff life, ya know?) 

Lady Gaga: Miss Asia Kinney Is the New Black

Gaga is gaga over her black frenchie Asia Kinney who often strikes a pose and has a flair for drama like her mama. You might have recognized the stout Little Monster on a variety of fashion shoots, including a campaign for Coach. 

Andy Cohen Knows Wacha He Wants From Life

Andy Cohen admits his adopted pal Wacha changed the way he viewed life and made him less self-centered. "There were the regular things you’d expect to change when you first get a dog," the Bravo host said, "but I wasn’t expecting Wacha to open up my heart."

Katy Perry & Her Golden Nugget

Katy Perry's larger-than-life personality is dwarfed by her love for her teacup poodle Nugget, who, just like her owner, loves the limelight. Earlier this year, Nugget snagged a starring role in a Citi Bank ad campaign. Oh yeah, and Katy was in it, too.

Marc Jacobs Totally Loves Bull

Rarely can you find a more fashion-forward furball than Neville, Marc Jacobs' bull terrier. The designer uses Neville as his muse and takes him everywhere he goes. And when the weather gets chilly, Jacobs custom-makes Neville's outfits. We wouldn't expect any less. Sashay, shante.

Drew Barrymore and the Case of the Cuddles

Drew Barrymore loves her mutt, Douglas Fairbanks Barrymore, whom she rescued in 2010. “He’s struck gold. He’s got the life,” she said after she adopted him. “And he’s the best little cuddler in the world!”

Ellen DeGeneres: Room For Four

As an animal advocate, it's no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres' Instagram is plastered with photos of dogs, but she always makes room for her own (even on her bed). Here she is hanging with ruff riders Kid and Auggie. George the Cat also wanted to be in the shot, too.

Ian Somerhalder: Pregnant Paws

As the owner of nine pets, it's no surprise that Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder loves his fur babies, but in 2013 he had more than he could imagine. That year he rescued a stray dog whom he adopted and named Nietzsche. Little did he know but Nietzsche was a mama-to-be. Once he found out, Somerhalder made sure to be by her side when she gave birth to eight healthy pups. 

David Beckham & The Olive of His Eye

In 2015 the Beckhams added one more to their family: a black cocker spaniel named Olive, who was introduced by son Brooklyn. The elder Beckham took to Olive so much, he had her co-star with him in a fashion ad campaign this year. 

Jessica Biel Takes One for Tina 

Sharing the spotlight can be tough, but Jessica Biel knows that when Tuesday rolls around, it's all about Tina. Biel and hubs Justin Timberlake love their pit bull Tina so much, she's a regular on the Instagram circuit, especially early in the week when she's featured via the hashtag #TuesdayswithTina.