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Bio Asks the Stars: ‘What TV Character Today Would You Want to Play & Why?'

TV stars love TV shows… just like us. We’ve got the scoop on their favorite fantasy roles.
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They may have dream jobs on some of the most popular shows on television but that doesn’t mean these TV faves don’t secretly covet someone else’s gig.

Bio recently got to mingle with the stars at a few network parties in Los Angeles, and we decided to find out, just for kicks, what other show they would want to appear on – and what part they’d want to play.

Hint: Zombies are just about as popular with these celebrities as they are with the rest of America!

BIO: ‘What TV Character Today Would You Want to Play and Why?’

Scott Foley of Scandal:

Scott Foley Photo

(Photo: ABC)

“I would love to be downstairs on Downton Abbey. It’s so much more interesting downstairs. That’s where everything happens. There’s no frills, there’s nothing buttoned-up, you get to be in both worlds. When you’re upstairs, you have no idea what’s going on downstairs but downstairs — they know everything, I love it.

January Jones of Mad Men:

January Jones Photo

(Photo: Instagram)

“I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep. I wouldn’t be able to do what she does with it, but I’m just such a huge fan, it makes me laugh so hard, I cry. It’s such a great role for a woman and she’s fantastic.”

Emily VanCamp of Revenge:

Emily VanCamp Photo

(Photo: Twitter)

“I am a huge zombie fan, I LOVE Michonne on The Walking Dead. You barely have any lines to learn and you get to kick ass all day, it’s amazing. But she does a brilliant job with it. That would be the one.”

Camilla Luddington of Grey’s Anatomy:

Camilla Luddington Photo

(Photo: ABC)

“I want to play Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen] in Game of Thrones… I have the outfit. I wore it for Halloween, with the wig and blood smeared on me. I don’t even know if I need to explain why because anyone that watches the show will get it. I’m a HUGE fan.”

Morena Baccarin of Homeland, Gotham:

Morena Baccarin Photo

“I love Girls, I would love to do that show. Which girl would I be? Hmm… Probably a new girl, I guess… I don’t know about the nakedness, but I could handle the craziness!”

Sam Heughan of Outlander:

Sam Heughan Photo

(Photo: Twitter)

“I’m loving The Walking Dead, I’d love to kill some zombies! And I’m really enjoying The Knick, actually; I think it’s fantastic, and I love Clive Owen’s performance.”

Uma Thurman of The Slap:

Uma Thurman Photo

“I would never, ever say I wanted to play someone else’s role. That would be silly. But I guess zombies are popular. If I wanted to kill a zombie, I would.”