National Pet Day: Celebs and Their Pets (PHOTOS)

Happy #NationalPetDay! Check out some of these celebrities' favorite furballs on social media!
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Mark Ruffalo

Never mind politics — the kitties are taking over the Ruffalo home!

Chrissy Teigen

We've seen Chrissy Teigen take her frenchie Pippa everywhere, and a lunch break is no exception! 

Chrissy Teigen French Bulldog Instagram Photo

Ariana Grande

"Woman's best friend," so says Ariana Grande about her adopted shelter dog Toulouse, who's also modeled for Coach. 

Ariana Grande Dog Instagram Photo

Channing Tatum

It's a horse, of course, for Channing Tatum who adopted Smoke as his second rescue animal. In 2008 the actor adopted a pittie. 

Channing Tatum Horse Instagram Photo

Amanda Seyfried

"Finn is imitating me. I was like this first.#australiansheposer," said Amanda Seyfried about this photo.  

Amanda Seyfried Dog Instagram Photo

Andy Cohen

Who's got the better 'stache? As a repeat visitor at the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse, rescue dog Wacha knows no better friend than Bravo host Andy Cohen.  

Andy Cohen Dog Instagram Photo


Mwah! Fluffers Tyson and Texas look salon ready for their close-up with mamma Ciara.

Ciara Dogs Instagram Photo

Liam Hemsworth

Check out this classic picture of Liam Hemsworth and his shaggy adopted dog Dora. 

Liam Hemsworth Dog Photo