Dog Days of Summer: 8 Celebs & Their Canine Companions

Dogs don't care if you're a celebrity, and that's probably why so many Hollywood families love them.
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It doesn't matter if you're an actor, a model, or a singer, to a dog, these celebrities are just part of their beloved pack. With every gossip rag scrambling for some sort of exclusive or shocking reveal, it's no wonder celebrities turn to the mum acceptance of their mutts. Privy to some of the most intimate moments of their owners' lives and completely free of scrupulous judgment, the dogs of celebrities would probably have some amazing beans to spill if only they could talk. 

Here are some dogs we'd love to interview for a scoop.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio and Lola

Alessandra Ambrosio Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Once the apple of Leonardo DiCaprio's eye, leggy Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio can depend on the love of her Maltese Lola ... even when former teen heartthrobs break things off with her.

2. Olivia Wilde and Paco

Olivia Wilde Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

A dog may be man's best friend, for Olivia Wilde, a dog is her boyfriend. When the star has been single, she's described Paco, her mixed breed rescue, as her "boyfriend" with whom she shares her bed. We wonder how Paco feels about Wilde's new baby with fiancé Jason Sudeikis!

3. Gwen Stefani and Chewy

Gwen Stefani Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Gwen Stefani is always impeccably dressed, so it's a little surprising that she doesn't outfit her Pomeranian Chewy in stylish duds of his own. Maybe that's because she'd rather let the dog actually be a dog − and anyway, now she's dressing three sons, so she's probably pretty busy.

3.  Miranda Kerr and Frankie

Miranda Kerr Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Model, mother, wife, and dog lover, Miranda Kerr is happy to have her Yorkshire Terrier Frankie on set with her. She's posted photos of herself cuddling with Frankie while on photo shoots.

4. Kate Middleton and Lupo

Kate Middleton Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

What family is complete without a dog? That goes for the Royal Family as well! Kate Middleton and Prince William made their family whole with the addition of Lupo, a black Cocker Spaniel. Adopting the puppy around the same time as the birth of their son, George, we can only hope the two will be cute companions.

5. Peter Dinklage and Kevin

Peter Dinklage Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Sporting what's probably one of the best dog names ever, Peter Dinklage put his rescue, Kevin, on the celebrity map when the Game of Thrones star famously thanked his dog-sitter − ironically named Kitty − for looking after Kevin in his 2011 Emmy acceptance speech. Celebrities − they hire dog-sitters just like we do!

6. Lady Gaga and Asia

Lady Gaga Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

PETA recently blasted Lady Gaga for dressing up her French Bulldog, Asia, in costume. Has PETA been living under a rock? We'd be shocked if the woman famous for outlandish clothes didn't dress up her dog. We think PETA is probably still fuming over that whole meat dress incident.

7. Hugh Jackman and Dali

Hugh Jackman Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

X-Men star Hugh Jackman named his French Bulldog Dali after the dog's semblance to the surrealist artist. From exciting trips to Europe to picking up the kids from school, Dali accompanies Jackman through it all.

8.  Jon Hamm and Cora

Jon Hamm Photo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Despite playing the womanizing Don Draper on Mad Men, in real life Jon Hamm and his screenwriter girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt are animal advocates. Together they have a mixed breed rescue named Cora, who was adopted from a shelter in California.

Liz Acosta is the Social Media Manager for Dogster and Catster.