Guitar Legend Buddy Guy On Keeping the Blues Alive (VIDEO)

Today Buddy Guy turns 78. In an exclusive Bio video, the legendary guitarist, who influenced the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, explains the meaning of the blues.
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Buddy Guy Photo

"Buddy Guy was to me what Elvis was for others," Eric Clapton once said of the influential blues musician (pictured above).

“Even a little baby’s got the blues. . .when you don’t give him the bottle and he starts kicking and screaming – that’s the blues.” That’s what Albert King told Buddy Guy about the genre the two guitar legends helped to define. 

Guy says he never forgot his old friend’s words, and took it upon himself to stay true to the blues over his more than 50-year career. With his mix of Chicago blues and flashy rock star showmanship, Guy became a giant among guitarists, but it’s the heart and soul of the music that he's trying to keep alive for the next generation of musicians and fans. 

In this exclusive Bio video, Guy talks about what the blues mean to him: