American Freedom Stories: Alabama Civil Rights

Watch videos about the pivotal role Alabama played in the shaping and success of the Civil Rights Movement.
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With February marking Black History Month, we traveled to Alabama to bring to light the freedom-fighting stories of the Civil Rights Movement you may not have heard of...

Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth's famous quote, "If Birmingham goes, so goes the nation," could have easily applied to the entirety of the state of Alabama. From Birmingham to Selma and Montgomery, Alabama played the most pivotal role in the shaping and success of the Civil Rights Movement.

That success was achieved through the actions of everyday people who sacrificed so much to achieve equality. Georgette Norman, the Director of the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery said "A people looked at how they were being impacted negatively by their society. And they assumed the responsibility for change." Although it took the leadership and inspiration of people like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and Rosa Parks to rally people together, it was those people, the foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement, who carried that cause to completion and changed the course of a nation.

"Because this is not a black history story," said Ahmad Ward, Director of Education for the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, "this is an American story, this is something that changed American history."

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