Is Ali Larter the Stuff of 'Legends'? (INTERVIEW)

Things get a little complicated for actress Ali Larter in TNT's new series 'Legends.' But that's okay. She likes it that way.
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Ali Larter Legends Photo

Ali Larter stars as Crystal McGuire in TNT's 'Legends.' (Photo: TNT)

It’s all about brand new beginnings for former Heroes star, Ali Larter. The actress/author returns to series television, starring in the new TNT spy action drama, Legends, with Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings actor Sean Bean

"Acting in a drama is my sweet spot. It’s where I love to go, it’s my favorite place to be. Especially a drama like this, with really interesting complicated characters….I am super excited," Larter says about her new role in Legends, which debuts tonight.

2014 has been good to Larter. Earlier this year, she published a new cookbook, Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus From My Home to Yours, and just a few days ago, she announced her second pregnancy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Larter feels lucky about having the opportunity to "live a big life" and wear multiple hats. And her versatility extends to her new TV role as Crystal McGuire, a character based on the award-winning book by master spy novelist Robert Littell.

Sean Bean Ali Larter Legends Photo

Sean Bean and Ali Larter in publicity still for 'Legends.' (Photo: TNT)

Crystal is a fellow operative who has a history with Bean’s character. "I think one of the things that's really fascinating about this show is you watch Martin Odum (Bean) really transform himself into these different legends that he's created over the years," Larter explains. "For me as an actor, to watch Sean morph into these different people is incredible to watch. I don't think you've seen someone of this quality take on a role like this. So that's just exciting to be part of and to watch him do it and to work opposite him." 

Which is why Larter loves her character. "One of the really fun perks in taking this role on was this chance that I wanted to play a really strong woman, and also to be able to embrace her vulnerable side. I think a lot of times with female characters, especially strong female characters, they're asked to cut that side of them off," she says. "One of the great things that I think (executive producer) David Wilcox did in writing this and developing this show is taking these characters and really showing the pieces and the places that break them, showing the moments and the toll it takes on them with the pressures of their job. That's what's interesting to me to watch and interesting to play, to really see where people break."

But Larter’s favorite role by far is being a mom to her three-and-a-half year-old son, Theodore Hayes. "He has my fire that’s for sure! When you have children, it just opens your eyes to so many things and keeps you young," she says. "I am so enamored by him. My husband and my son are the loves of my life."

Larter was a favorite on the cult fan show, Heroes, which is returning to NBC after four seasons. Heroes fans will be crossing their fingers about potential opportunities for Larter to guest spot on the revamped series.

The series premiere of TNT's 'Legends' debuts on August 13th at 9/8c.