Happy Middle Child’s Day, JLo, Miley, Julia & More!

Being a middle child didn’t stop these celebs from getting tons of attention.
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Middle children often get a bad rap—not to mention an abundance of noogies from older siblings. But these six celebs are proof that you don’t need to be first born to come out on top.

Jennifer Lopez Photo

Jennifer Lopez

Despite being known as “the athletic one” amongst her older and younger sisters, Lopez quickly found success as a singer/dancer/actress after dropping out of college to pursue performing. Today, she’s one of the wealthiest Latina entertainers in the world.


Judd Apatow

Though Apatow was split up from his older brother and younger sister after his parents’ divorce when he was 12, family clearly made a strong impression on this producer/director. Today, he regularly casts relatives in his Apatow Productions movies, including his daughters, maternal grandmother, and wife, Leslie Mann.

Dave Letterman Photo

David Letterman

Did Letterman’s love of performing stem from a bit of latent middle child syndrome? It’s difficult to say for sure, but his mischievousness did keep him from getting overshadowed by his older and younger sisters in school. He went on to be ranked as one of the 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time by TV Guide and the longest-serving late night talk show host in TV history.


Cindy Crawford

The middle child between two sisters, Crawford didn’t let her birth order keep her from standing out. After a newspaper photographer snapped a photo of her detasseling corn at her summer job in Illinois, the future supermodel received enough positive feedback to push her to pursue modeling full-time.


Miley Cyrus

Third in a line of five children, Cyrus has always had a knack for getting people’s attention. At age 11, she snagged the coveted title role in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana and was quickly propelled into teen idol status. A few platinum records, some controversial twerking, and many sold-out performance tours later, Cyrus still knows how to turn heads – and generate tabloid headlines.


Julia Roberts

Being a middle child isn’t always easy. All three of the Roberts children pursued acting, but a family feud with her brother Eric kept he and Julia estranged until they finally reconciled in 2004. Now, though, the actress can often be found supporting his daughter Emma Roberts in her acting career, as well as producing movies with her sister.