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Bill Hader

Bill Hader is a comedic actor best known for his stint on Saturday Night Live, with popular characters and impersonations such as "Stefon," Vincent Price and CNN's Jack Cafferty.
  • Film Actor,
  • Television Actor,
  • Comedian
  • (1978–)

Debbie Reynolds

Known for her boundless energy and pert demeanor, Reynolds' most memorable turn was in the 1952 musical Singin' in the Rain.
  • Film Actress,
  • Singer
  • (1932–)

Winston Churchill

As prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill rallied the British people during WWII, and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory.
  • Prime Minister,
  • Journalist
  • (1874–1965)

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith is a model and actress who starred in all five seasons of Charlie’s Angels. She has also launched her own collections for K-Mart.
  • Film Actress,
  • Television Actress
  • (1945–)

Ira Gershwin

Lyricist Ira Gershwin wrote for popular musicals like Porgy and Bess in the 1920s and '30s. He was in the first writing team to win a Pulitzer for songwriting.
  • Songwriter
  • (1896–1983)

Zora Neale Hurston

Anthropologist and novelist Zora Neale Hurston was a fixture of the Harlem Renaissance before writing her masterwork, 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.'
  • Author,
  • Civil Rights Activist
  • (1891–1960)

Babe Ruth

Legendary baseball player Babe Ruth led the Red Sox to three championships, including the 1916 title. During that game, he pitched a 13 scoreless innings—a record that remains unbroken today.
  • Baseball Player
  • (1895–1948)

Florence Mills

Performer Florence Mills captivated audiences during the Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance. She performed in shows like 'Shuffle Along,' 'Plantation Revue' and 'Blackbirds.'
  • Singer,
  • Comedian,
  • Dancer
  • (1896–1927)

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