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Marilyn Monroe

Actress Marilyn Monroe overcame a difficult childhood to become one of the world's biggest and most enduring sex symbols. She died of a drug overdose in 1962.
  • Film Actress,
  • Pin-up
  • (1926–1962)

Jean Harlow

American actress Jean Harlow rose to fame as a sex symbol and starred in several films with Clark Gable in the 1930s before her untimely death at age 26.
  • Film Actress,
  • Pin-up
  • (1911–1937)

Lana Turner

Lana Turner was a film actress and sex symbol who was "discovered" while drinking soda at a diner counter. She made over 50 films and was married seven times.
  • Actress,
  • Pin-up
  • (1921–1995)

Bette Davis

Bette Davis is remembered as one of Hollywood's legendary leading ladies, famous for her larger-than-life persona and for her nearly 100 film appearances.
  • Actress,
  • Pin-up
  • (1908–1989)

Natalie Wood

Actress Natalie Wood starred in the films Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean and in West Side Story as Maria. She drowned during a boating trip in 1981.
  • Film Actress
  • (1938–1981)

Betty Grable

Betty Grable was a musical film star and popular pin up model, after starting as a chorus-line dancer in the 1930's.
  • Film Actress,
  • Pin-up
  • (1916–1973)

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